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Events list

This table lists all the events that can be subscribed to with Primno.

  • Decorator: The decorator to use to subscribe to the event.
  • Trigger: The event that will trigger the handler.
  • Page type: The page type of the event (see Types).
  • Manual registration: Whether the event must be manually registered or not. See Manual registration.
  • External function: The event handler function to call from Power Apps during registration. It must be prefixed with a prefix. See Manual registration.

Open the decorator link to see the full documentation of the event with usage examples.

DecoratorTriggerPage typeManual registrationExternal function
@MnOnFormLoadForm is loaded.RecordYesonFormLoad
@MnOnDataLoadForm data is loadedRecordNo-
@MnOnColumnChangeColumn value is changed.RecordNo-
@MnOnSaveForm is saving.RecordNo-
@MnOnPostSaveForm is saved.RecordNo-
@MnOnCommandInvokeCommand is invoked by a button on the command-bar.Record & ListYesonCommandInvoke
@MnOnEnableRuleEnable rule is evaluated on the command-bar.Record & ListYesonEnableRule
@MnOnGridLoadSub-grid on a form is loaded.Recordfalse-
@MnOnGridSaveGrid is saved.RecordYesonGridSave
@MnOnGridRecordSelectA single row is selected.RecordYesonGridRecordSelect
@MnOnGridChangeA cell value changed.RecordYesonGridChange
@MnOnLookupTagClickLookup tag is clicked.RecordNo-
@MnOnPopulateQueryA flyout button must be populated on the command-bar.Record & ListYesonPopulateQuery
@MnOnPreProcessStatusChangeBPF status is about to change.RecordNo-
@MnOnPreSearchSearch on a lookup is about to be executed.RecordNo-
@MnOnPreStageChangeStage of BPF is about to change.RecordNo-
@MnOnProcessStatusChangeBPF status is changed.RecordNo-
@MnOnStageChangeStage of BPF is changed.RecordNo-
@MnOnStageSelectedStage of BPF is selected.RecordNo-
@MnOnTabStateChangeTab state is changed.RecordNo-
@MnOnOutputChangeOutput of a control changed.RecordNo-