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Develop locally

To run the developer mode, execute the following command in your project folder:

mn start

This command will build and deploy a special version of Primno that will use your local files instead of the files in Power Apps. Local files are loaded through a local web server started on port 12357.


The website starts with a self-signed certificate. The certificate is automatically regenerated every 30 days.

You must accept it in your browser by browsing to https://localhost:12357.

This command also starts a watcher that will automatically rebuild your project when you change a file.

Try it

Try to change the text displayed when loading the form in src/record/account/account.component.ts to something else then save the file.

After refreshing the browser, you will see the new text.

Below is a video that shows the developer mode in action.

What's next


Remember to close the developer mode when you are done by pressing Ctrl+C in the terminal. Then, run mn deploy to publish your changes to Power Apps.

Now that you have seen how to start a project, you can learn more in the guides section.