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Primno provides modern development features:

Component-based architectureCreate reusable components for any form or (sub)grid. Components are plug and play behaviors, which run wherever you need them.
Dependency injectionUse the dependency injection container to inject services into your components. Easly Test your components by mocking the services.
Developer modeNo need to publish your code to test it. Changes are immediately available in the browser.
Fast and easy deploymentPrimno builds, uploads and publishes your code in the provided solution.
Online & On-premisesDeploy your code to Model-Driven Apps of Power Apps, Dynamics 365 Apps or to Dynamics 365 CE (on-premises).
Easy debuggingDebug your code directly in your browser with the Typescript code that you wrote though the included source maps.
TypescriptWrite your code in modern Typescript, Primno will transpile it to JS that can be executed in the browser.
BundlingStructure your code in multiple files and use the import/export syntax. Primno will bundle your code into a single file.

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